25 Years and counting.

25 years ago at the age of 15 I dragged home a broken down car. A 1972 Honda 600 Sedan. Two cylinder, air cooled sedan that looks alot like an old Minicooper but oh so much cooler. The last time I drove this car was the spring of 1987. I always intended to fix it up more but life happens and in my grandparents garage she sat waiting. Fast forward 25 years and it's time to finish what I started and bring her back to life.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Ever notice the weekends seem too short. I made some time on Sunday to work on the Honda, I seem to spend a lot of time sorting parts. Building a car is a lot like a big puzzle except you have to prep and fix and paint every piece of the puzzle. I have Roughly 8 or 10 complete brake calipers for the front of these cars. Ive been dissassembling them inorder to dertermine which parts are in the best shape for the rebuild. Here is one of the front caliper assemblies I took apart.

My bin of brake parts needed for the rebuild is getting more complete all the time.

These are the mounts that the flexible hoses and the hardlines join too. One is all cleaned up the other as it came off the car. This hardware will get new Yellow Zinc coating.

This photo shows the NOS rear whell cylinders I have had for the past 20 years just waiting to get installed. the original that came out is next to it.

I am sending off my Master Cylinder today. I never did get the internal piston free. Joe from Sierra claimes he can get it out with some hydralic pressure.I expect in a few weeks it should be sleaved and in perfect condition again.

I can't wait.


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