25 Years and counting.

25 years ago at the age of 15 I dragged home a broken down car. A 1972 Honda 600 Sedan. Two cylinder, air cooled sedan that looks alot like an old Minicooper but oh so much cooler. The last time I drove this car was the spring of 1987. I always intended to fix it up more but life happens and in my grandparents garage she sat waiting. Fast forward 25 years and it's time to finish what I started and bring her back to life.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Floor Pan Prep

This morning I fixed the passengers side Floor plan. Here are a few photos of the 4 hours of work. I purchased this front pan from Ray Cave. Ray is a great guy and has just about anything you culd want for used Honda parts. I was originally going to rebuild this from scratch but this turned out to be so much better than fabing this part form scratch

Here is a shot of the pan before I removed it. You can see that all along the diagnal brace its rusted.

The pan the way I got it from Ray.

Shot of the pan removed. I used the lip of the seat brace as the place to join them and the roceker panel edge along the side. Along the front its installed like it was at the factory and at teh tunnel its a butt joint.

Final trial fit before tack welding

Final shot of the pan tack welded in place.

I have the diagonal brace yet to install and then its on to the other side. With any luck I will have teh drivers side done Sunday and I can do the final welding this coming week after work or next weekend. Then its time for a full sand blast for the underside and a couple coats of PPG etching primer and DP epoxy sealer.


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