25 Years and counting.

25 years ago at the age of 15 I dragged home a broken down car. A 1972 Honda 600 Sedan. Two cylinder, air cooled sedan that looks alot like an old Minicooper but oh so much cooler. The last time I drove this car was the spring of 1987. I always intended to fix it up more but life happens and in my grandparents garage she sat waiting. Fast forward 25 years and it's time to finish what I started and bring her back to life.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Body Work Begins

A new chapter has begun. I have started the body work on the 600. My goal is to get the bottom of the car in perfect shape before moving on to cosmetic body work. Today I started with the passengers front wheel well. The bottom rear corner was rusted through.

But first a couple of pics of the car on the spinner I made to work on it.

Floor pan with the majority of the undercoating removed for rust inspection.

Floor pan again.

This is the drivers wheel well and it looks like the passnegers wheel well did before I stared.

Here is the repaired wheel well. I need to finish welding but this gets it pretty much done.

I will be completing one side at a time, for now the passengers side floor pan then move on to the drivers side. Once I fix the majority of the rust holes, of which there a a few along the bottom, I will be replacing the rocker panels then moving onto the rear portion of the car which has mostly surface rust. Once all the floor pan issues are fixed I will media blast the entire pan and wheel wells inside and out and DP epoxy primer it.

My master brake cylinder and the rebuild kit for it are due this week, stay tuned for pictures.

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